Autopilot Music Publishing

Autopilot Music Publishing has been founded in 1997. Since then, it has continually enlarged its catalogue as well as its publishing activities. Autopilot offers its artists a close working relationship in all areas of music publishing, be it administration, legal advice, management or the contact to film and advertising media. Immediacy and a close working relationship with our artists enable us to work fast, to be flexible and therefore ensure high efficiency. The handpicked roster of Autopilot Music Publishing is not limited to any style, but still it has a clear-cut profile. It is not in our minds to publish perfunctory and short-lived chart fodder, but timeless music challenging its listeners to grapple with it. The most exciting acts from genres such as Electronica, Postrock, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Avant Pop and many other unnamable styles are assembled under the roof of Autopilot.

Autopilot Publicity

Autopilot Publicity looks after the public relations of an illustrious circle of labels and artists. The owner of the publishing house of Autopilot Music Publishing and head of all PR-activities is Guido Möbius, who can look back on many years’ experience as PR-agent for companies like Ninety-Nine Distribution, Beggars Group or City Slang / Labels Germany. Autopilot Publicity sees to the public relations of labels such as Staubgold, Sonig, Smalltown Supersound, Basic Channel or Klangbad, Europe-wide and across all types of media.

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