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Dirk Specht

Dirk Specht, long time Berlin based resident, started recording with the group “40 Sekunden ohne Gewicht”, a kind of experimetal rock-outset, which was much influenced by postpunk-legend “This Heat”, but also showed their respect to german Krautrocklegends like Can, Neu!, Harmonia, and Faust, which was documented via motoric & psychedelic live-improvisations. The group released two albums: a s/t double-3-inch-CD and the “Merve Discount”-LP. (Not to be forgotten that now-famous Berlin-Reggae/Dub-DJ Admiral Tuff played guitar in 40 Sekunden ohne Gewicht.)

Next to this Dirk Specht founded the experimental Electronica Ensemble “KUNSTKOPF” in 1995, which was notorious for never playing the same sound twice… the group released a studiorecorded CD and a liverecorded LP.

“MINIKLON”, the next project started with the solorecording of “1,5 Farfisa” and evolved later into a trio, currently the project is existent as “MINIKLON+”. “Miniklon” defintely investigated in “Who wants to be a millionaire?” (Klangkrieg) and recorded also a – yet unreleased – CD.

Since several years, Specht is composing soundtracks for choreography and visuals, such as Videoinstallations, Shortmovies and FeatureFilms. Next Release will be “Egoshooter” by Field Recordings (produced by Wim Wenders).

At the moment he is working on a collaboration-project with Wayne B. Magruder (known for his work with CALLA and TENECKE) and another one with Gerriet K. Sharma (known for his work with SWAAI and GEUGE).



40 Sekunden ohne Gewicht
– “s/T”  double-3″-inch CD (edition el.c.)
– “Merve Discount” LP (edition el. c.)
– Split 7″ 40 Sekunden ohne Gewicht/ 2 Tage Sauerstoff” (emphase rec.)

– “7 Stücke 1998″ CD (self-published)
– “7 Stücke ´95-´99″ LP (on/off-Records)

– “Sendepausen” CD (Radiokampagne Berlin)
– “Noisefactory 2″ CD (Steinsein-Rec.)
– “Six and More-Oisi Voci” CD (Archegon)

– “Who wants to be a millionaire?” CD (Klangkrieg)
– “1,5 Farfisa” (Splitsingle w/ F.S. Blumm/ emphase rec.)
– “s/T” CD (self-published)

– “Immersion Shift”
– “DruckKammer-Raumreserve”
– “Displacements / Driftzone”
– “Dromos”
– “…en mouvement planant”
– “Trespassing”
– “phlizz”
– “Espaces Inhabitables”

+ several Soundtracks