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Gaston are a quintet from Berlin. They set out as a trio with two basses and a drum kit. Today the line-up is augmented: There’s a vibraphone, there are guitars and sometimes they make use of brass instruments and samples. Their pieces are instrumental and at times rather intricate, therefore the exhausted and by now almost fading term ‘postrock’ comes into mind. Jazz has surely been influencing Gaston. It remains hard to tell how deeply they are really rooted in musical history. At least one of the musicians I once heard say something about the complex rhythmics of Polish (or Hungarian?) folk music. No kidding.
Gaston’s music doesn’t have a theme. It doesn’t accuse. It doesn’t cry over anyone. Gaston’s work is self-sufficient and turned inwards – without a trace of vanity. One of the reasons for this introversion might be Gaston’s technical skills. There are passages that simply make you want to tear your hair out. When one of them does something to the bass, the drums, guitar or vibraphone that you didn’t think was possible. But then, at the same time, it sounds so natural, so just-right. Don’t get this wrong: Gaston don’t boast about their abilities. They are artists – in the best of senses. Musicality. Nimble, poised and bright. That’s what Gaston are all about.
(Jochen Brandt)



“What time does your train leave today?” – CD/LP (Beau Rivage, 2004)
“#1” – 10” Vinyl (Becalmed Records)

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