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Guido Möbius

As a solo-artist Guido Möbius creates a very unique and intimate sound. A whole lot of instruments, most of them acoustic, define the soundcollage. Brittle soundtissues and sweet tones blend in complex arrangements. With his debut Möbius masters the thin line between lightness and complexity. The list of the used instruments (guitar, bass, glockenspiel, voice, Jew´s harp, banjo, percussions, Portasound Samplingkeyboard, Moog…) alone shows the musical versatility and a mind to test and try. That he loves to collaborate with guest musicians (especially with those who play instruments he cannot master himself) rounds off the picture.

Always having an eye on the groove, Möbius has a special liking for small parts of polyrhythmic percussion-patterns and constantly changing harmonies. You could call it playing around with hearing expectations or creative restlessness and fear of stagnation. Well, it´s definitely a highly original idea for popmusic.

Möbius’ new album “dishoek” will be out on dekorder in october 2005



“Zwei Tage Sauerstoff” (emphase, 1999) / split-7inch with “40 Sekunden Ohne Gewicht”
“Jew’s Harp” (emphase, 2001) / split-7inch with Stephan Meyer
Blumm & Möbius, “20 lock grooves” (happy zloty, 2002) / 7inch
blinker_inc (emphase, 2002) / CD
“we don’t care about the haircut!” (Dhyana, 1999) / tribute to Nik Kershaw, 12inch
“Leg Dich hin und warte bis die Bilder kommen“ (n.UR-Kult, 2001) / with Hildeguard
Harald Sack Ziegler, „Kopf Zahl Bauch“ (Staubgold 2002) / CoOp with Sack
“klisten” CD Klangkrieg 2003
“who wants to be a millionaire” (Klangkrieg Prod., 2003)
Dhyana 50 (Dhyana, 2003)

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