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Peter Presto

In order to found your own label in 2001, which is generally regarded as a black year for music industry, you either have to have a strong will, incredibly good music in store, or quite not all your marbles. All that holds true for Peter Presto a.k.a. Nils Dittbrenner – partly. For the most part though, the relaxed way of life that was able to develop between the French Atlantic coast and flat L√ľneburg, between video games and functional harmony must have been responsible – which can be heard in each of his pieces up to this day, transformed into musical art. Back then, it inspired releasing the first Pingipung record, without giving much thought to promotion, accounting or distribution matters. The four songs were kindly listened to by Michael Mayer, and so Kompakt distributed the Presto gems all over the world. In the meantime, the 7″ has sold out, and the label has learned how to walk. Now, some four years later, during which he contributed to two compilations, and, to “Der Spiegel”s attention, remixed Edmund Stoiber, he returns with some old and some more new songs, collected in album format. What’s in it for you? Probably the most laid-back contribution to your personal summer soundtrack-of-your-life, full of engaging synth hooks and melodies with haunting potential. A cornucopia of solar heat, constantly jumping from swaying moods to sillyness and back again. Whether roots in Ska, Reggae, Dub or even Schlager ultimately predominate, or whether his music stands beyond such categorisations, is entirely up to the listener. One thing is clear though: The humour dies last. The lament is over. Peter Presto shows us that life is easier with a good mood.


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