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Jo Zimmerman a.k.a. SCHLAMMPEITZIGER, the master of the Casio and inventor of almost never-ending song-titles, is back. Few contemporary electronic acts have developed such a distinctive aural handwriting as SCHLAMMPEITZIGER has over the years.

Friendly Casio-grooves and irresistible melodies reign supreme, but beneath the surface, seriousness and doubt are lurking to stake out their claim.. Let’s say that his arrangements are shot through less with a barrel-organ sort of humour than with desire and melancholy. Nevertheless SCHLAMMPEITZIGER always brilliantly managed to augment his melodious tracks with subtle layers of noise.On further hearings, this music reveals qualities, which were submerged by a wave of sympathy in the initial encounter.

After interim-activities such as remixing Depeche Mode, a “Best of Schlammpeitziger”-release (“Collected Simplesongs Of My Temporary Past”) on Domino, Tokuma & Thrill Jockey and appearances at several festivals, the likeable man from Cologne releases his fifth album “Everything without all inclusive” on sonig.



1993 Erdrauchharnschleck. Cassette on Entenpfuhl
1994 Burgfensterrhytmuskuckloch. Split-Lp togehter with Masters
1994 Cosmic Music on Gefriem
1996 Freundlichbaracudamelodieliedgut. Lp on a – Musik
1996 Freundlichbaracudaremix. Lp tracks remixed by Mouse on Mars,Sweet Reinhard,F.X.Randomiz, Marcus Schmickler. 10 inch on a – Musik
1997 Holosud – Holosud, (Projekt with F.X.Randomiz) Ep on a – Musik
1998 Spacerockmountainrutschquartier. Lp and Cd on a – Musik
1998 Holosud – Fijnewas afpompen. Lp and Cd on a – Musik
1999 Erdrauchharnschleck. Re-Issue as Lp on Entenpfuhl
1999 Restwasserstreitgebettel. 7 inch on a – Musik
2000 Augenwischwaldmoppgeflöte. Lp and Cd on a – Musik
2001 Collected Simplesongs of my temoprary past. Lp and Cd on Domino, Cd on Tokuma, Cd on Thrill Jockey
2003 Everything without all inclusive, CD / LP on sonig

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