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Since some time Andreas Otto has been living in a small house in the woods of Lüneburg, which is a mid-sized town south of Hamburg, Germany. You might think this sounds very idyllic, and we bet it is. Actually these circumstances seem to have a great impact on his music: Friendly, enthusiastic and warm melodies driven by pluckery beats. On his latest Album “Posten 90″ Andreas created some easy-going electronic music, from time to time acoustic instruments like glockenspiel or harmonica come through. It is definitely made for bright and energetic summer days, you just want to jump on your bike and go for it with Springintgut on your headphones. Like his moniker evokes, this music jumps around and makes people do the same.

Andreas is a trained drummer and cellist, he has played in many different projects and bands. He is currently studying cultural studies with a focus on music and communications. In 2005, he received a scholarship from the STEIM Institut in Amsterdam. Besides all that, Andreas is one of the four labelowners of Pingipung Records.

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