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Steven Hess

Drums, Percussion, Electronics Background in jazz, free-jazz, modern composition and electronic music. Performed, played, or otherwise collaborated with such artists as: Christian Fennesz, Tony Buck, Glenn Kotche, Keith Berry, Pan American, Jon Mueller, RdL, Adam Sonderberg, Robert Hampson, Haptic, Dropp Ensemble, Jason Kahn, Olivia Block, Helge Sten, Greg Davis, Miles Tilmann, Sylvain Chauveau, Jason Roebke, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Millimetrik and Pierre-Yves Mace.

Currently involved with Fessenden (Entr’acte, Utech Records), Pan American (Kranky), Haptic (Entr’acte), WORK, and the French/American duo, On (Brocoli Records). Works for theatre – The Empire Builders (Boris Vian), Theatre Group: Sense of Urgency. Soundtrack/score can be found at – (Dropp Ensemble).

Has toured through-out the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe. Lives and works in Chicago.



2007: On – Second Souffle (Brocoli)
2006: Pan American – For Waiting, For Chasing (Mosz), Mouths/Haptic – 1V2E/Danjon Scale (Entr’acte), Keith Berry/Fessenden – Bleu: (Chat Blanc), Robert Hampson + Steven Hess EP (Crouton).
2005: Greg Davis + Steven Hess – Decisions (Longbox Recordings), Greg Davis and Sebastien Roux – Paquet Surprise (Carpark), Fessenden – Capture/Create (Entr’acte), Dropp Ensemble – Ingen Tid (Tonschacht).
2004: Pan American – Quiet City (Kranky), Greg Davis – Curling Pond Woods (Carpark), On – Your Naked Ghost Comes Back at Night (DSA).
2003: Dropp Ensemble – The Empire Builders (Longbox Recordings), Hat Melter – {Unknown Album} (Crouton).

Upcoming releases: Pan American (Kranky), Fessenden, WORK and the Dropp Ensemble.

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