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Taunus want to be friends with us. Malinche (Schinderwies / broken silence) is their full length debut and an ode to warm and pleasant guitar music. For anyone with a penchant for well-versed, yet unobtrusive picking on a steel-stringed acoustic guitarthis album is a definite recommendation. Although there are vocals on only one out of ten tracks, what one gets to hear on Malinche are basically songs. But then Taunus do not content themselves with simple songwriting; their music is a world in itself that draws its influences from the giant cosmos that is the recent history of music: Postrock, electronica, minimal music, American folk – all this one can glimpse in almost every of the tracks on Malinche. Sometimes, the music is disarmingly simple and lucid, while at other times its tricky and interlocked patterns seem to flow into one another. The sounds we hear are almost exclusively played on acoustic instruments. Nothing and no one makes a racket here; bass, banjo, drums, singing, feedback noises and field recordings – everything is in its place with a matter-of-factness as if it had always belonged there. One can simply dream oneself away in the flow of Taunus’ music.

2005: Malinche – CD/LP (Schinderwies Productions)
2002: Taunus Meets Guitar – 7″ Split Vinyl w/ Meets Guitar (Bearos Records)

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