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Adam Butler, the British exile and resident of Cologne by choice, has long since made a name for himself internationally, a name which has itself become a byword for complex grooves and multi-layered arrangements. Not forgetting the piano: In “The Köln Concert” (Sonig 12CD/LP), alluding to Keith Jarrett’s live recording of the same name, Butler created a kind of piano-heavy electronic album. A side-swipe against educated bourgeois jazz perhaps? Maybe. At any rate it pays musical homage to the piano, an instrument from which VERT eminently entices a rich palette of sound. The piano has become a sort of trademark for him, and one he is constantly redefining. VERT is a musical chameleon. He is capable of vibing-up an audience when supporting label-mates “Mouse on Mars” on their live shows, but is at the same time equally liable to play inventively experimental sets on modified piano. Lightness and profundity co-exist in his music without conflict, and it is precisely this amazing versatility, which distinguishes “small pieces loosely joined”, his third album for the sonig-label. VERT conjures up tension, only to dissolve it by turns in a wonderfully charming, articulate and unpredictable manner. You simply can’t not-listen.



“broken breakbeat bepop” 12″ bovinyl 1996
“hole tone java” on avantgardism” CD somelabel 1996
“tense & leaning” on “spunk jazz CD/2LP ill 1997
“mewantemooseic” 12″ sonig 1999
“symmetry breaking” on sonig comp. LP/CD 2000
“the köln concert” LP/CD sonig 2000
“moremooseicforme” 12″ sonig 2001
“9 types of ambiguity” CD/LP sonig 2001
“all the better to see you with” on sonig .ilation LP/CD sonig 2003
“small pieces loosely joined” CD/LP sonig 2003
“schmoozing with the après garde” CD whatness 2003
“last night I dreamt that capitalism collapsed under the weight of conflicting desires” on Who wants to be a millionaire CD Klangkrieg 2003

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