The new AUTOPILOT compilation will be out on Album Label 2015, April 24th

The music publisher AUTOPILOT, founded 1997 and run by Guido Möbius since 2000, will come of age this year. Originally a home base for songwriters from all over the world, the profile of the publisher has constantly evolved over the years. Möbius does not know much about the mainstream and considers the chart-worthiness of his publishing repertoire irrelevant. What is important to him is the expressiveness of the music and the personal relationship with the artist. Working in publishing leads people to think in terms of figures, track lengths and Excel tables. On the other hand, Autopilot was conceived from the beginning more as a record label – a label with a broad yet unconventional repertoire and a boss who knows his program and manages it well. The current compilation is not meant to represent the entire range of the Autopilot publishing program. It does not claim to be anything other than a good mixtape, an atmospheric collection of very different kinds of music – timeless releases together with tracks that were previously unreleased or exclusively produced for this compilation. Raise the curtain for Autopilot.

Feat. Air Cushion Finish, Mesak, Lars Paukstat, Transformer Di Roboter, F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm, Springintgut, Sicker Man, Mini Pops Junior, Black To Comm, Guido Möbius, The Marble Man, Miwon, Vert

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