Autopilot Music Publishing has been founded in 1997 by Willy Schwenken and Guido Möbius and run mainly by Möbius since 2000. It has continually widened its publishing activities over the years. Autopilot offers its artists professionality and experience in all areas of music publishing, be it administration, legal advice, management or licensing. Immediacy and a close working relationship with his artists enables this publisher to work fast, to be flexible and therefore ensure high efficiency. The handpicked roster of Autopilot Music Publishing is not limited to any style, but still it has a clear-cut profile. It is not about publishing perfunctory and short-lived chart fodder, but timeless music challenging its listeners to grapple with it. The most exciting acts from genres such as Electronica, Postrock, Contemporary Music, Singer-Songwriter, Experimental Music, Avant Pop and many other unnamable styles are assembled under the roof of Autopilot.