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F.S. Blumm

Frank Schültge “Blumm” a.k.a. F.S.BLUMM was born 1968 in Bremen and lives in Berlin where he is working as a musician and producer for radioplays. His musical oeuvre reaches far, besides contributions to the SACK & BLUMM project. Schültge plays in a band called KINN and is involded in various collaborations with other musicians. He released on labels like Tomlab, Morr Music and Staubgold, to name just a few. On his new solo album LICHTEN (LIGHTEN) on audio dregs he creates a multitude of very deep instrumental pop pieces, with his guitar, trumpet, piano and toy piano being the favourite ingredients of his sound kitchen.
F.S.Blumm´s music is so idiosyncratic that the popular namedropping doesn´t help that much to describe it. Nevertheless bands and projects like Gastr Del Sol or others who work on the combination of improvised elements with pop-approved structures come to mind, as well as American folk pioneer John Fahey or minimal music representatives Pauline Oliveros and David Behrman for their similar sense of poise and release.



Esst Obst 7″ (Stetzer, 1998)
6 Mbiras 7″ (split w/Miniklon, Emphase, 2000)
Bettvanille weiter 10″ (Tomlab, 2000)
Mondkuchen CD/LP (Morr music, 2001)
Ankern CD/LP (Staubgold 2002)
Lichten CD (Audio Dregs 2003)
Zweite Meer CD/LP (Morr music, 2005)
Summer Kling CD/LP (Morr music, 2006)
Music For Drawings 7″ with DAVID GRUBBS (Ahornfelder, 2006)
Up Up Treasures TAPE (Poprebop, 2010)

with Sack und Blumm:
Die fünfte Dengelophonie 7″ (Dhyana, 1999)
Sylvester Orchester 2000 7″ (Staubgold, 2000)
2 x 5 10″ (Staubgold, 2001)
Sack und Blumm CD (Tomlab, 1999)
Shy Noon CD (Gefriem, 2000)
Zack Bumm CD (Tokuma Japan Communications, 2001)
Kind Kind CD/LP (Staubgold, 2003)
Returns CD (Staubgold, 2009)

other musical projects:
Blumm & Moebius – 20 Lock Grooves 7″ (Happy Zloty, 2002)
KINN – s.t. CD (Tete-à-Tete, 2003)
F.S.Blumm & Friends – Sesamsamen (Plop, 2004)
KINN – Karlshorst CD (Audio Dregs, 2006)
Anne Laplantine & F.S.Blumm – FA 10″ (Alien Transistor, 2007)
F.S.BLUMM meets LUCA FADDA – s.t. – CD (Ahornfelder, 2007)
Bobby And Blumm – Everybody Loves CD/LP (morr music, 2008)
Old Splendifolia – Swaying Boldly Afar CD (Plop (Tokyo 2008)
Bobby And Blumm – A Little Big CD (a.n.o.s.t. / Morr music, 2010)

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