Title: Autopilot 
label: Album Label (ALB 005 )
Formats: CD / LP / Digital 
Release: 24.04.2015 

This compilation is not meant to represent the entire range of the autopilot publishing program. It does not claim to be anything other than a good mix-tape, an atmospheric collection of very different kinds of music – timeless releases together with tracks that were previously unreleased or exclusively produced for this compilation. This mostly instrumental mix is as diverse as the autopilot catalogue itself, yet the tracks blend into each other smoothly, representing the deep and dark side of autopilot music.
The album kicks off with the hypnotic „Single Black Hole” by the Berlin based duo Air Cushion Finish, originally released on the album Spree by Hafenschlamm Records. Mesak’s remix of Guido Möbius’ “Babylon’s Falling” follows, introducing the stoicism of this producer from Turku, Finland. Faust’s Lars Paukstat wrote the wonderfully krauty “It Was Not Me”, which leads to „Bob Ross Edit“, an exclusive edit of an humorous Hommage to the famous american painter by Transformer Di Roboter.
Next is the beautifully calm „Sip Song“ by F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm; Blumm’s frequent collaborator Andi Otto aka Springintgut takes over with the title “Northface Springs”, followed by the cello piece “Boo” by Sicker Man. Tobias Vethaka aka Sicker Man is also one half of the doom pop duo Mini Pops Junior, represented here with an atmospheric track called “lifted 2nd take”. The dreamy collage “Oocyte Oil” by Black To Comm and F.S. Blumm’s „Vor Büchsen“ lead to Guido Möbius‘ exclusive Remix of the pice e“Festung“ by The Marble Man.

  1. Air Cushion Finish, Single Black Hole 5:45
  2. Mesak & Guido Möbius, Babel In Port To Mesak 5:02
  3. Lars Paukstat, It Was Not Me 5:15
  4. Transformer Di Roboter, Bob Ross Edit 3:50
  5. F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm, Sip Song 3:00
  6. Springintgut, Northface Springs 3:05
  7. Sicker Man, Boo 2:54
  8. Mini Pops Junior, lifted 2nd take 5:03
  9. Black To Comm, Oocyte Oil 4:36
  10. F.S. Blumm, Vor Büchsen 1:45
  11. The Marble Man, Festung (Guido Möbius Mix) 4:32
  12. Miwon, Shutter 3:49
  13. Vert, And I Know 3:58