Nicholas Bussmann

Nicholas Bussmann is an artist, musician and composer for conceptual music. With a biographical background in Improvised Music, he creates conceptual frameworks and concrete scenarios for collective performances. At the center of his interest lies the tight and historically rooted connection between music, social practice and socialization.
Originally a cellist, Bussmann has since expanded his practice to a wide range of musical genres, from electronic to conceptual art. He works with a number of collaborators, including the duo Telebossa with Chico Mello; Rydberg with Werner Dafeldecker; and Nicholas Desamory with Lucile Desamory. With Martin Brandlmayr he plays as Kapital Band 1; with Lars Rudolph and Hanno Leichtmann he formed the band Ich Schwitze Nie from 1995 to 2003. Bussmann worked in the field of radio play as well as theatre and film music. As a curator he worked at Berlin Documentary Forum, Maerzmusik, Shanghai Biennale 2014 and the HKW Berlin.

Telebossa Garagem Aurora (Staubgold 2016)
Nicholas Desamory You only need to know how it feels to believe (Staubgold 2016, LP)
Nicholas Desamory Like You (m=minimal 2012)
Telebossa Telebossa (Staubgold 2011)
Kapital Band 1 Playing by Numbers (MOSZ 2007)
Alles 3 I Know How You Frown (KwanYin/China 2007)
White Hole Pink Album (Kitty Yo 2004)
White Hole Holy Ghost (Kitty Yo 2004)
Kapital Band 1 Kapital Band 1 (MOSZ/Wien 2004)
The Beige Oscillator and Dj Attachee Waiting for Wood (Charhizma 2001, CD)
Lickmachine machine (moos 2001, mini CD) Bussmann/Soybelman/Williamson
Ich schwitze nie Billige Flaggen (Trikont 2000)
You Never Give Me Your Pillow Suite For Slow Dancers (Free Music Production FMP 1999, CD)
The Beige Oscillator and Dj Attachee Relaxin (Mehrwert 1999, EP)
Ode an die Langeweile Hommage an H.Eissler (Nomansland 1998, CD)
Ich schwitze nie Träume der Sehnsucht (Nomansland 1997, CD)
Nodoctor nodoctor (Algen 1995, mini CD)

Film music
1998 Psychic Tequila Tarot, Kurzfilm. Musik: Nicholas Bussmann
2005 Liebeskind, Spielfilm. Regie: Jeanette Wagner, Musik: Nicholas Bussmann
2013 Abracadabra, Spielfilm. Regie: Lucile Desamory, Musik: Nicholas Bussmann
2016 Miete essen Seele auf, Arte, Dokumentarfilm, Regie: Angelika Levi, Musik: Nicholas Bussmann & Cottbusser Chor
2016 Sign Space, Dokumentarfilm, Regie: Hila Peleg, Musik: Nicholas Bussmann

Radio plays, theatre and dance productions
2002–2004 Sasha Waltz & Guests, diverse Zusammenarbeiten
2004 Die Reise nach Baratonga, Hörspiel. Regie: Wolfgang Rindfleisch, Musik: Bussmann/Leichtmann/Rudolph
2004 Snobby Dim, Regie: Beate Andres, Musik: Ich schwitze nie (Bussmann, Leichtmann, Rudolph), Hörspiel von Frank Becker
2005 Der Himmel unter Berlin, Hörspiel. Musik: Bussmann/Leichtmann/Rudolph
2005 Sex, Hörspiel/Performance. Lindy Annis & Nicholas Bussmann, Hebbel am Ufer
2008 Warburgs Memo von Lindy Annis, Musik: Nicholas Bussmann, Hebbel am Ufer
2010 Barnes Dance, Straßenoper. Regie: Nicholas Bussmann, Sophiensaele
2017 Singing Yesterday’s News Again Natascha Sadr Haghighian/Nicholas Bussmann Hörspiel Deutschlandradio Kultur