Mouchoir Ètanche

In the pandemic year 2020 Marc Richter (Black To Comm) revealed new entity Mouchoir Ètanche with a 12″ on the Dekorder label („Kommuniqué Zéro“) and „Une fille pétrifiée“, an LP on his new Cellule 75 imprint. Combining real and fake acoustic instrumentation, sampling, field recordings and excessive yet inaudible post production this is another sublime and ethereal statement. Influences are ranging from (French) Classical & Opera to the anecdotical compositions of Luc Ferrari, Chinese Opera, Chanson, Sacred Music / Church Music, JG Ballard and Surrealism. A second LP is in the works.
Marc Richter records as Black To Comm for Thrill Jockey, Type and Dekorder and as Jemh Circs for his own Cellule 75 imprint. He also produces soundtracks and acousmatic multichannel installations for institutions such as INA GRM Paris, ZKM Karlsruhe and Kunstverein Hamburg.
RIYL Deux Filles, Kali Malone, Nurse With Wound, Luc Ferrari, Alphabet 1968, Panda Bear, John Oswald, Félicia Atkinson

Une fille pétrifiée (Cellule 75 2020, LP)