The Green Apple Sea

The Green Apple Sea play country-infused folk-music since 1998. They have released four full-length albums: „All over the place“ (2000), „Forever sounds great“ (2007), „Northern Sky Southern Sky“ (2010) and „Directions“ (2018).
Though band line-ups changed over the years, core-members Christian Ebert (also album-producer), Lena Dobler and Singer-Songwriter Stefan Prange have created a warm, melancholic, „happy but unhappy“ trademark sound that kept fans and media listening over the course of now more than twenty years.
At the moment the band is recording their fifth album. Working title: „Dark Kid – six seasons and a movie“.

Directions (Hometown Caravan, K&F Records 2018, CD)
Northern Sky Southern Sky (K&F Records 2010, CD)
Forever sounds great (Skycap Records 2007, CD)
All over the place (Skycap Records 2000, CD)