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New album “pale glitter”out October 2005 on City Centre Offices.

Miwon’s irresistable harmony constructions and heartwarming beats hit the mark. Repetitive, but pop, catchy as indian summer hits should be.
(Annibale Picicci, Beam Me Up)

Definitely poppy in its atmosphere and original in its sound.

Miwon grew up with Depeche Mode and Talk Talk. One can recognize the op factor in his music, which is quite fun. His influences are linked to contemporary beat facades, establishing an own stylistic trademark. Atmospheric soundscapes and analog basslines lend Miwon’s music a decisive factor of vitality.
(Manu Iaka, Electronic Art Network)

From time to time Miwon is in a terribly good mood and keeps an eye on how pop harmonies can be kicked with a grin. I love this kid.
(Thaddi Herrmann, De:Bug)

Miwon’s trademark is pop, but not the commercial synthesiser melody like we heard them in the eighties. In these processes sit original German electronics.
(Tom Wilms, L’Entrepot)

Shadily melodious electronic pop, thanks to velvety strings and modular synthesizer technique standing on today’s solid ground.
(Alfred Pranzl, skug)

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