Lonski & Classen

Lonski & Classen write and play fragile song hymns with great sparsity. Their music is minimal and disarming, presented with wholly honesty and yet constantly punctuated with small gestures of self-irony. Every song sounds like an awakening and at the same time a dissolution. Rough, punched out guitar riffs go along with lyrical harmony. The singing has an expressive intimacy, the song texts are about isolation in togetherness, getting lost and finding oneself. Lonski & Classen have soul and don’t play as much as one sound too many. They make no secret about their love of blues and Americana and they have a relationship with time which blows up all conventional boundaries of songwriting. They play their music with concentration and with the maximum possible nonchalance. Part of their portfolio includes an intensive collaboration with the celebrated French composer Yann Tiersen.

The Space Between Us (Osthafen 2020, LP)
All Tomorrow Is Illusion (Osthafen 2014, LP/CD)
Freedom / The Gift (American Typewriter 2010, 7“)
Climbing On Branches (Matrosenblau 2009, LP)
Selftitled (self released 2007, CD)